1. I have a "green and red brain" ie. a ‘creator and structured’ profile. This enables me to spring up ideas spontaneously, and fix issues creatively.
  2. I was often called the Ice Queen back in school. What I thought was cool turned out otherwise.
  3. I broke 2 Singapore Book of Records
  4. I enjoy tea appreciation, doing acrylic art pour and calisthenics.
  5. I had gone through major bad BREAKUPS, quarter life crisis worrying about my job, to searching for my soul purpose, feeling helpless and DEPRESSED. You are not alone!
  6. I am THANKFUL and do my gratitude list daily. I CELEBRATE life, being grateful for every breathe I have, surrounded by amazing people today, and doing what I love.

6 Facts About Brenda...

"I help you gain double clarity, with renewed motivation and energy, so you feel excitement again in life and career!"

My Story

Back in school, I flunk my English and GCE O' Level exams. I enrolled into the Institute of Technical Education (ITE), school for the least academically inclined students in Singapore.
Labelled as a lost cause, I felt my world came crashing down and nowhere to hide.  Pushing myself through after feeling very much like a 'bimbo', I eventually made it through to a local Polytechnic, and worked at Citibank Limited.  I rose from a telemarketer to managing close to 100 staff at age 26, and won several awards, including the prestigious Country's Manager's award for my excellent management skills.
My achievements caught the notice of our Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, where I was cited during the 2008 National Day Rally a life that exemplifies our Singapore story”.
I also received a letter of acknowledgement by PM Lee on my best-seller book , for being an encouragement to young people. I have also been featured in media such as Straits Times, TODAY, Radio 938Fm, and Capital TV Malaysia.
In my best-selling book “Regain Your Power”, I share many important life-changing lessons on empowering oneself and living fully.  Today, I conduct talks and workshops to organisations such as DBS, UOB, Capella Hotel and Resorts, Marina Mandarin Hotel, QatarGas, to name a few.  
During my free time, I mentor at ITE and Singapore Women's Prison, as I believe everyone deserves a second chance.
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